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"savory additions to enhance your pantry’s staples"

Desert Rust BBQ Dust

Our signature BBQ rub recipe is the quintessential combination for all three meats: pork, beef and chicken. 

(6 oz.)

$10.00 -- 6 oz.

Fajita BBQ Dust

When you're looking for a bit of zip and spice for your next meal (but won't make you cry for a big glass of milk), look no further. (6 oz.)

$10.00 -- 6 oz.

Lavender BBQ R​ub

Culinary lavender is known for its many traits. Mixed with spices, it creates an amazing addition to chicken, lamb and even roasted potatoes. (6 oz.)

$10.00 -- 6 oz.


We have dried lavender for home crafts, sachets and even for throwing at weddings. 

If you're looking for fresh lavender, it is at its peak around the middle of June.

Please call us for quantities needed and a quote. 

*Home Prepared Food: This food was prepared in a home kitchen that is not ​subject to regulation and inspection by the regulatory authority. (Idaho Department of Health and Welfare)

Spring isn't quite here yet, but we're already thinking about lavender.

Looking for an alternative to throwing birdseed at a wedding?Dried lavender may be your answer.  And if not for throwing, perhaps sachets for your guests.

The Zenful Pantry is here to help with dried lavender requests.

"This stuff rubs every type of meat the right way.

Simply Delicious!"

— Customer